• Tips for a Fantastic Night Out in Perth

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    If you visit Perth and you are a person who loves going out then in this place you will definitely find what you are looking for. There is a large range of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and more. In order to help you save some time by searching for those places, we have made a list with some useful tips for a fantastic night out in Perth.

    First of all, you need to know exactly what you want to do. If you want to go to a restaurant, then you must know what food you want to eat. Plenty of restaurants are in this city, and they offer different types of dishes, from traditional ones to Indian, Italian, French, Spanish, and Mexican. The Old Ship Inn is a lovely pub and restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals or just have a drink and chat with your friends. The Twa Tams restaurant is also a fantastic place to go, a restaurant that has plenty of good reviews, and therefore, pleased customers. Furthermore, here you can also enjoy nice live music, as the location has a band that plays almost every evening. Forty Four Bar & Late Lounge is opened until 4 AM in the morning, so it is perfect in case you want to stay out a bit longer. We also recommend to you The Cellar Bar and The Tavern.

    Once you have decided what you want to do you can confidently try the locations mentioned above, as you will certainly not feel disappointed. On the other hand, if you want to dance you can try Loft, which is a very popular and extremely busy at the same time nightclub. The Ice Factory is another location where you can have fun and dance until dawns.

    Transport also plays a very important role when it comes to night outs. You certainly do not want to get to the club tired or sweated. This can happen if you travel by bus, and that’s why we recommend you to get a taxi. Prices are not as high as you probably think they are. Getting a taxi in Perth is actually quite affordable. An important tip that we want you to take into consideration is to book your taxi in advance so that you get to the desired location on time. By doing so, you will travel comfortably, and you will also not be late, in case there are friends waiting for you at a specific hour.

    If you want to see a play at the theatre, then, again you need to book your ticket online. By doing so, you will avoid staying at the line, and you will feel more comfortable. Therefore, you will enjoy to the fullest your night out. The same you can do when it comes to cinemas, in case you want to enjoy a nice movie in Perth.

    This city gets quite busy at the weekend, and that’s why we recommend you to go out during the week if that’s possible. This is an excellent option especially for those people who do not like crowded places.