• A Brief History of Architrave

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    Similarly to skirting, architrave is a very common architecture and interior design feature found within most UK homes.

    Considering the fact that we pass by this feature every day, it’s not surprising to learn that most of the times, we don’t even notice it. Some people even think that the architrave is a part of their door, without knowing that it’s a separate element altogether.

    Also known as a door casing or a door surround, the word ‘architrave’ originates from Latin. Greeks use the term Epistyle for this architecture feature and in Greece, the epistle is the element that connects two columns. Sometimes, the columns are connected by an ‘Epistyle’ that is beautifully adorned with intricate designs.

    As we mentioned above, the architrave is a very popular architecture element also found in Greece, where they used to be made out of plaster moldings and that is what these elements looked like until the Victorian era, when they were transformed into wooden fittings out of the commodity. During the Victorian era, wooden dado rails and picture rails were extremely common, so the same technique was used to make architrave as well.

    Over the years, the architrave was decorated in accordance with each time period such as the Victorian, the Edwardian, and the Elizabethan eras. Back then, the architrave used to have rich patterns and designs and was much bigger and bulkier. Furthermore, they were considered somewhat of a luxury feature, only those who were rich could afford such interior decorations.

    Nowadays, architrave is commonly used around doors, windows, and other rectangular openings in order to make the room look nicer. When it comes to modern-day architrave, the style and type of architrave that you choose will give a personal touch to your home and will influence the overall aspect of the rooms. There are many options that you can choose from such as simple, modern, minimalist designs, or luxurious and nicely decorated profiles.

    If you are currently looking for architrave, you should know that there are plenty of modern and classical designs available on the market and the possibilities are endless. You can choose the styles, colors, and patterns that you like and that match your personal taste. A good architrave choice can transform a common boring door into a luxurious and exquisite entrance or even better, it can make a tiny room seem more spacious.

    It’s also worth mentioning that architrave does have some practical purposes as well. Some of the most important benefits of installing architrave are that you can mask any unsightly gaps of joints between the doors, windows, floors and the walls. If you are thinking of getting architrave installed and want to know what your options are, head over to the Skirting World website where you will find any type of architrave available on the market.